Today, many critical areas of modern life depend on reliable radar systems. We depend on advanced radar systems to enhance weather forecasting, air traffic control, mission-critical military, border control, science and testing platforms — and even self-driving cars.

Advantech Wireless Technologies designs and manufactures advanced Solid State GaN technology based pulse amplifiers for key radar applications. Advantech’s R&D, together with original design and manufacture, delivers advanced, cost-effective reliable solutions — replacing older, electron tube radar systems.

Advantech Wireless Technologies RADAR Solid State GaN Technology Pulse Amplifiers from Advantech Wireless Technologies.


Advantech’s well-known capabilities in research and development — delivered in over 150 countries — ensure your systems stay connected and mission-ready.

Nowhere is Advantech’s solid state radar technology more critical than in air traffic control, where information in real time, 24 hrs per day 365 days a year is critical. There can be no downtime for maintenance.


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