The Ultimate in Solid-State High-Power Amplification

  • Available in Power Levels of 10 kW+
  • GaN and GaAs Configurations
  • Ku, X, C and S-Bands
  • Soft-Fail (Switchless) Redundancy
  • Modular Architecture with Field-Removable Power Supplies
  • Highest Availability in the Industry

Designed to be used as a direct replacement of Klystrons or TWTs (travelling wave tubes). These high power, wide bandwidth, all outdoor ruggedized systems will allow operation with multiple carriers and outstanding linearity.

The Summit systems have built-in redundancy with soft failure mode and operate simultaneously on both polarizations or on a single polarization with double the amount of power.

The new modular Summit II system is comprised of 4, 8 or 16 amplifiers that are phase combined into a single amplifier that can generate extremely high levels of RF output power – up to 10,000 watts or more. Summit II is available in C, X, Ku and S-band architectures.

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